Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Little Cotton Rabbit from Willow Hill Yarn Company — Done!

So cute...

I love it when a project comes together. 

And really, how much more satisfying can you get than an adorable rabbit just before Easter?

We won’t talk about how I had to stuff the arms after I attached them (oops!) or how the dress is a smidge too big, because just look at her.  She’s as cute as cute can be.

There was only one way to improve on this wonderfulness, and her name was Grace. I knew this bunny needed to be in hands as cute as she was. With no relative in appropriate age range, I opted for the nearest bundle of sweetness and handed off my bunny to Grace with Easter glee.  I’d had all the fun I needed making it, now it was time for Grace to get to enjoy her.

Thanks, Willow Hill, for a perfect Eastertide yarny adventure!

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