Friday, February 18, 2011

Knit Along: Stirrup Socks from Purl Soho - Day 1

A good ribbing...

I’ve decided we don’t give nearly enough credit to the rib.
Actually, I’ve worn enough socks to remind me I don’t respect ribbing enough.  You know the kind of rib-less, mass-produced sock I’m talking about--usually from a department or discount store.  They’re deceptive, making you think thin and synthetic is sleek and chic.  They lure you in with their perky, clever patterns...
...until you go to take them off at the end of the long day.  There, facing you below your knees, is a clear, disturbing dent in your calves from where they were too tight on top.  You begin to wonder what kind of cellular damage has been wrought throughout your day, wonder if these strangulating socks were indeed the reason for your never-ending fatigue and general crankiness.  After all, nothing as cozy as socks should ever leave a mark.
It is then that I run to a pair of hand-knit socks, sure to hug my tender cankles in soft, forgiving ribbing.  No marks, no scars.  Unless, of course, these were toe-up socks and I botched the bind off (okay, it’s been known to happen).
I hold these hand-crafted socks from Purl Soho and know, just by how the first inches feel, that they will be comfortable, warm, and a delight to wear.  It’s in the give of the wool, the rhythm of the rib, the artistry of a good pair of hand knit socks.
These will be like that, I can just tell.  You can probably hear my sigh all the way to New York.
Chime in with your comment to win this “P” totebag from Purl Soho.  I’ll even throw in an Allie Pleiter book of your choice if you like, just because I think you’re spiffy, too!


Lisa Jordan said...

So thankful for Twitter...saw your post. I love knitting. I'm a fairly new knitter--last year or so, and I just attempted my first pair of socks. Well, it took me a while to get used to the DPN, but now I love using them. I did well until the gusset and instep. I ended up tearing all of it out. I will be flying next week so I plan to take my needles and yarn and knit while in the air.

Bonnie said...

Thanks for having the giveaway! I was just bemoaning the fact that although I'm ready for some warmer weather, that means some of my knit socks will have to wait until next season to be worn again.

Anonymous said...

ahhh...hand knit socks on tender cankles is a distinct pleasure! Gentle ribs to hold the socks in place without an itchy, strangling tourniquet is only part of the attraction.

Love the socks in progress!

Marci said...

Allie -- The purlbee patterns are so wonderful. I am working on the Big Herringbone Cowl now, and I had my eye on the boot socks as well. A trip to Knitty City AND Purl Soho -- a dream come true. My son wants to go to NYU, which, if that comes to fruition, would give me lots of great excuses for NYC yarn crawling. Thanks for sharing, Your (old) friend, Marci

Allie Pleiter said...

Nonsense! Grab some cotton yarn and knit up summer socks! Fascination is a personal favorite, especially in beachy colors.
You'll make it through your first pair...that's always the toughest but so much easier after you've lived through it the first time. Turning a sock/gusset/instep is ninja knitting!
"hand knit socks on tender cankles" deftly put!
I'm coming back in up?