Monday, September 21, 2015

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 1

New project day!

Is there any happier day for a knitter?  Casting on a new project is like shopping for school supplies—all fresh start and new toys.  The yarn hasn’t yet become familiar, we’re still in awe of it’s texture and color.  I haven’t yet become frustrated with directions or mistakes, and I don’t yet know how the project will truly look.  While I love having the finished product, knitting’s “first day” is always a treat for me.

That’s rarely true of writing.  Want to strike fear and awe into the heart of a novelist?  Simply present them with a blank page and the words “Chapter 1.” Possibilities are thrilling, but they are also terrifying.

I’ve tried to work out what it is about Madelinetosh yarn.  It has a unique character—I can almost always tell it on sight.  For one—and I’m not sure why this stands out—it’s beautifully round.  The strand has an elegant, perfect circumference to it.  A clean line that beckons to clear, crisp stitches.

And at the same time, there’s this hint of halo—just the smallest feel of fuzziness—that balances out the crisp with a softness I can’t quite describe.

The color—oh, the color—just makes the other characteristics that much more wonderful.  I know lots of people oooh and ahh over Madelinetosh’s exquisite, quietly undulating color, but honestly, I think it’s the least of the things I notice. It’s more how the color flows with the shape and texture than the color itself.

No matter what the attraction is for you, its clear Madelinetosh has created some knitter-perfect alchemy of fiber.  Even basic garter and stockinette look great in this yarn, as we’ll soon see in this pattern.

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