Friday, July 15, 2016

Yellow Rose Mitts from Yarnivore - Done!

Exquisite mitts!

Often I shy away from "dainty" or frilly looking accessories, opting for bold drama.  And I can't say I wouldn't adore these just as much in a bright, bold hue. There's just something I love, however, about how these turned out.  They have a certain vintage elegance to them.  A classy mitt, wouldn't you say?

Sure, the size 0 needles took patience and commitment, but don't lots of worthwhile things?  They were excellent traveling partners, and I look forward to wearing them.

And, it must be said:  I have BOTH of them!  No "second sock syndrome" here--hooray magic loop!

And hooray to Yarnivore for a knitting adventure in a new place, color, and style for this grateful knitter.

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