Thursday, May 19, 2011

Knit Along: Arched Gusset Sock from FiberWild - Day 1

A Case of Cold Feet?

In 1996, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (affectionately known as the Yarn Harlot) launched  the idea of the “Knitting Olympics,” urging knitters to cast on a new and challenging project during the opening ceremonies and strive to finish when the flame went out sixteen days later.   I’ve always loved the notion behind it--challenge yourself, even in knitting.
There is no torch involved here, but that doesn’t extinguish the fear that I’ll go down in flames on this one.  One has to gulp when the designer--in this case FiberWild’s creative genius Amy Loberg--hands you the pattern asking, “are you willing to work hard?” 

Even the pattern description on the internet chills the soul:  "Not for the faint-of-heart!"  "For the experienced knitter!"   Note the liberal use of exclamation points (theirs, not mine!)!

These socks are complicated, intricate artwork:  multiple patterns, openwork, cables, just about every trick in the book. Not your average toe-toaster by any stretch of the imagination.  Even bolstered by my recent colorwork mitten victory (by the same designer, I console myself), I’m nervous that these will not turn out well.
Still, I’m game.  And you all get to watch.  Well, the first inch is done without drastic incident except that I had to look up the definitions for M1R and M1L.  That, I can handle.

Stay tuned, this could get really interesting.

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Bonnie said...

That description scares me! I'm looking forward to seeing how it progresses. One stitch at a time!