Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Brick Sidewalk Beanie from fibre space--Day 1


For this DestiKNITion, we’re going to tackle the project first, and then feature the store and adventures.

Project first? Why’d I switch things up like that? 

It’s because fibre space, our DC yarn shop, is in the middle of a location change. It didn’t make much sense to give you all the information in the midst of their move, so we’re going to give them some time to settle in and introduce you to the shop and its neighborhood afterward.

So, on to our project.

I love hats. I’m not especially fond of wearing them—they always do terrible things to my hair—but I do love to knit them. Their short, sweet, and stylish, less complicated than socks or mittens, but just as fun to have around.  In a town like Chicago, a good warm hat is a marvelous thing.  One that recalls a fun adventure is just that much more marvelous.

The Brick Sidewalk Beanie launches with something a step up from ordinary ribbing. The fisherman’s rib, with its alterations of knit/purl rectangles between ktbl rows does indeed give you the feeling of a brick sidewalk—especially in the reddish brown color of Neighborhood Fibre Co. superwash marino yarn I’ve chosen. 

This texture detail will continue up just one portion of the full hat, but circles all the way around the brim.

This yarn represents the first time I used my new swift and ball winder—purchases from Stitches Midwest. I loved being able to make my own ball without endless hours balancing a hank on my knees or imposing upon my husband to hold his hands up.  I’ve wanted to own one for years, and was delighted to finally make the purchase.

Who knows? Maybe this will become the first hat I love to wear.

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