Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Knit Along: Pimpelliese Shawlette from Grinny Possum - Day 1

It's easy being green...

While I love an intricate, brain-taxing pattern for its “I did it!” results, there’s a special place in my heart for simple patterns that manage to pull off some panache.  This shawlette is mostly garter stitch in nice, decent-sized needles and fiber that make a lovely change from all the intricate sock knitting from my last project.  Larger size needles make for satisfyingly fast progress, too.  I’m happy to put down my size 2 needles for a while, believe me.
The sawtooth edging, accomplished mostly with a wax and wane of yarn-over increases and binding off of stitches, is fancy without being fussy.  Some shawls make you look like you don’t belong anywhere in the 20th century (not necessarily a bad thing if you’re a romance author, but it does tend to draw stares in the grocery store).  This design, combined with the near-funky lime green color I chose, feels just hip enough to loose the frilly-factor.  

While the pattern isn’t simple enough to be memorized (at least for my aging brain cells), its 12-row repeat fits easily on an index card for transportable knitting.  Will it get unwieldy as I make my way down to the thick tip of this triangular shawlette?  Stick around, I’ll let you know.

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