Sunday, January 1, 2017

Great Prismatic Cowl from Spinnin' Yarns--Day 1

The long and winding edge...

I consider myself an accomplished knitter, and the moebius cast-on made me nervous.

It looked complicated.  Even multiple viewings of the go-to tutorial video did little to lower my pulse.  It looked like the kind of thing that could go horribly wrong long before you realize the error.

So I did what any smart person ought to do—find a smarter person.  The best way to keep me calm and correct while attempting this was to do it in the presence of knitters who knew the ropes (or is that the yarns?).

It turned out to be a wise tactic.  While my brain understood the concept—the video is very clear—I had several rounds of holding my knitting up to my friend yelping “is this right?”  “Do I count this stitch or this stitch?”  or “It’s supposed to look like this, isn’t it?”

Like handling dpns for the first time, one’s first attempt at the moebius cast on feels like you are tying your circular needle in knots.  Even our video hostess Cat Bordhi admits it’s a struggle, and exhorts us to hang in there for a few rows until it begins to make sense.

And it does.  After two full rounds (which is actually four times around your needles), it finally settled into something that didn’t make me cringe.  The stitch-filled space between my needles grows with each round, the physical embodiment of the moebius’ mind-bending single-yet-double edge.  

The whole thing is just one giant row.  Mind blown.

Happy New Year, DestiKNITters!

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