Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Caterpillar to Butterfly Scarf from Sheep's Clothing--Done!


Blocking this involved stringing two short blocking wires through the looped fringes on either side of the scarf and tacking it up over a doorway.  Super easy.  While blocking did straighten things out a bit, the yarn also didn’t hold the straight shape for long once I put it on.  Still, its light texture makes this a good choice for warmer or transitional climates where a wooly scarf would feel too bulky.

It’s a bit of an odd length by my taste—not quite long enough to loop around my neck, but too long to leave just hanging lose.  It needs a hitch around itself to be thee right length, but then you loose the openwork effect.  I’d want another foot in length if I did it again.  I’ll have to play with it some more to find how I want to style it in its current length  

All things considered, I still view this a very good improvement over the drop stitches scarves I never quite seem to master.  The unraveling is great fun and highly satisfying.  This would make a terrific project to give a young knitter ready to move beyond basic garter—as long as you can be looking over his or her shoulder for the tricky cast on and transformational bits.

Thanks, Sheep’s Clothing, for a unique and ingenious knitting experience!

Next, we move on to a mobius cowl from Griffith’s Spinnin’ Yarns.

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