Saturday, April 8, 2017

Little Cotton Rabbit from Willow Hill Yarn Company — Day 5

Bunny body...

I’m so pleased.  My little rabbit looks just like I wanted her to.  Right down to the adorable little tail—which I opted to make tan like the rest of her body rather than white (half rebellion, half not wanting to haul myself upstairs to my yarn stash and hunt for white yarn).

The body proportions feel right to me, and the level of cuteness is perfect.  So satisfying. And Julie Williams—as well as Emily from Willow Hill—is correct in identifying my new urge to give this adorable critter a wardrobe.  I keep looking at her thinking, “what about a white dress?  Or light blue?  If I lived in Salt Lake, I would definitely join the knitting group at Willow Hill that will be making sets of clothes for Little Cotton Rabbits.  If I had grandchildren or young nieces, this could easily become an addiction.

I did discover, upon review, that I’d made the dress with the wrong size needles.  As such, it’s just a touch larger than it ought to be.  My bunny has a maxi dress rather than just a Sunday jumper.  But I think once I block it, it will still suit her just fine.

I admit, the stuff-and-construct aspects of projects like this aren’t my favorite thing.  All that poking, seaming, sewing, and fretting—I’d really rather just knit. But the payoff for this project is superb. I love it.

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