Sunday, April 16, 2017

On the Spice Market Shawl from Blazing Needles - Day 1

Checking all the boxes...

I love kits.

Especially on projects where color—or more exactly color combinations—are crucial. God has given me many skills in life, but putting colors together has never been one of them.  

Pick out a yarn, a single yarn, and I’m great.  I know exactly what I want when I see it.  Tell me I have to combine that yarn with others, and it’s a crime to leave me unsupervised.  It will not end well, I assure you.

So when you take a shawl that dramatically combines six different colors, you can bet I’m not going into that alone.  I drooled over this shawl when I saw it on the wall at Blazing Needles. I was near giddy when owner Cynthia Mills said I could have the kit as my Knit-Along project.  A stunning array of Shibui Stacatto in colors perfect for me, eye-catching in the way I love shawls to be, a generous size, funky and artistic but not fussy. This shawl pretty much embodies my check-list for the perfect knitted accessory.

It has only one flaw—if you can even call it a flaw.  A full-sized shawl on size 2.5 needles means a lot of stitches. Sure, most of them are garter, but there are some luscious color changes and ingenious German short rows to entertain me. And yes...the rows get longer as you go.  You already know how I don't deal with that well. 

Still, I'm absolutely in love the interplay of colors so far.

Happy Easter and Passover, DestiKNITters!

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