Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March Reader Who Crochets: Cindy Regnier

DestiKNITters, you know what the third Wednesday of each month brings: a reader! Meet Cindy Regnier, a fellow lover of books and yarn.

Cindy, ware you crocheting right now? 
A cardigan sweater. I am so excited to see it finished.

What feels like your favorite crochet accomplishment? 

The year I made crochet projects for my three kids at Christmas.
What feels like the worst crochet mistake/foible/wrong choice youve ever made? 
My son asked for a slouchy beanie hat. I found a great pattern, but was in a hurry to get started so I used a hook that was too big. Result: weird looking hat, but he loved it. Said it was something no one else had. 

Do you have a favorite stitch? 
Not really. What I enjoy is a project that uses a variety of stitches.  A textured afghan I made for my DIL used some new stitches I’d never done before. 

Metal or wood needles? 
I have always used metal hooks (and knitting needles), but I'm not opposed to trying new materials.

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? 
I’m a dark chocolate girl.

Coffee or tea? 
Um that’s hard. I guess I’d say tea since I drink iced tea all day. I do like a good cup of coffee in the morning.

What’'s your favorite Allie novel? 
That’s a tough one because they’re all great! I would choose The Texas Rancher’s Return as my favorite because I absolutely fell in love with Gunner.  I love the entire Blue Thorn Ranch Series.

What are you reading now? 

Do you have a favorite crochet/knitting character from a book, movie, or television show? 
That would be Laura Ingalls Wilder. I love all the Little House books and the mention of Laura knitting lace for a petticoat during The Long Winter is what comes to mind. I believe Laura gave that lace to her sister Mary as a gift.

Give a shout out to your favorite local yarn store.
I stole this one from my sister-in-law as I usually order yarn online, but it is close by and a great store: 
The Shivering Sheep
308 N. Buckeye
Abilene, Kansas 

For being a Reader Who Crochets, Cindy receives ten hanks of Cascade 220 in "Cotton Candy" and a copy of The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart for herself, and a copy of Coming Home to Texas for a friend.  If you'd like more information on how to be featured on Readers Who Knit/Crochet, email me at for details.


Myra Johnson said...

Cindy! This is a side of you I wasn't familiar with! My mom taught me how to knit and crochet, but I'm afraid the lessons didn't stick. I still have some items she made for me, though. Also, I've saved all the Barbie outfits she knitted for my dolls!

Cindy Regnier said...

Hey - thanks Myra. My Grandma taught me. She only had sons so granddaughters got to learn the crocheting. Maybe you should try getting back into it. Kind of like riding a bicycle. . . but don't stop writing. Sure love your books. Thanks for reading Allie's blog today.

Janet Dean said...

Cindy, I'm impressed with your talent. Of course Allie's too. Love the afghan you made with the variety of stitches. I knit. I've made lots of scarves and an afghan. But I don't know how to crochet. Is it easier or harder than knitting?


Missy Tippens said...

Cindy, I loved those photos of your projects! You're multi-talented!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Cindy, this is so cool! Most of Dave's family crochets and knits and I had the sisters do afghans for each grandchild last Christmas.... 12 afghans, each one done in colors that Farmer Dave and I thought matched the kid! They were beautiful and now each child has a fun treasure made by family....

For me, I know how to knit and crochet, but if I'm sitting.... I'm writing. I've got so many stories to tell, and it makes me smile to do them.... but because I know how amazing knit and crochet is, I can fully admire folks who do it.

And every year Dave's mother has all the grandkids come by to pick out a handmade hat and mittens for winter..... And then she donates a slew of them to the local family "box" so that folks can pick out their hats and mittens.

I love that Mountain Dew blanket!!! SO FUN!!! As a diet Mt. Dew lover, I'm in full appreciation of that!!!

Clever girl!

Mary Connealy said...

Yesterday I actually stood in front of the yarn section of a store and pondered crocheting something.
I used to do it a LOT. Knitting, too. Lots of afghans.
Lots of handmade baby blankets.
Did you know babies aren't supposed to have blankets in their cribs now? It kills them apparently.

So no point in knitting. :(

Myra Johnson said...

Wow, Mary, way to cheer everybody up!

Cindy Regnier said...

Hi Janet. Sure appreciate you stopping by Allie's blog. To me knitting is harder than crochet but I think its a matter of opinion. My Grandma taught me to crochet when I was fairly young. I learned knitting later and did it as a 4-H project but never liked it as well. Personal preference. Knitting often has what I consider as nicer looking patterns.

Cindy Regnier said...

Thanks Missy! I still have the crocheted bookmarks I won in Seekerville one New Year's Eve. I love them and they are so special because YOU made them!

Cindy Regnier said...

Thanks Ruthy! Those afghans, mittens and hats will be treasured for many years to come! That's what I love about knitting and crocheting - they become heirlooms. You will get no arguing from me - keep writing and I will keep reading. There is nothing quite like a Ruthy book! Thanks for visiting Allie's blog!

Cindy Regnier said...

Mary! Same advice as for Ruthy - as long as you're writing fabulous cowboy stories, keep it up. Knitting can wait. But all babies need a crocheted or knitted blanket made by someone who loves them. Just, um, keep it out of the crib. I guess. Kind of with Myra on this one.

Valerie Rogers said...

My mom taught me how to crochet. Have made many blankets, scarves, slippers and dish cloths. Tried knitting and just can't quite get it. My daughter can knit and crochet though.
Love the yarn giveaway!