Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fili Top Down Convertible Mitts from Unraveled Sheep -- Done!

Fili Finish! 

And finally, the thumbs!

Why don’t my provisional crochet cast-on stitches ever zip right off like they’re supposed to?  They almost NEVER do for me, and I’m stuck tediously dismantling each stitch to get at the live loop I need to slip on my needle. Seriously, a strand of scrap yarn or a stitch holder always seems to be a better choice for me than any kind of provisional cast on I’ve ever attempted.  Maybe I need to take a class or something.

Ah, but now the fabulous Fili mitts are done!  I found a nice, flat pewter button that doesn’t get in the way but still complements the blue color of the yarn. My husband, being the engineer that he is, remarked “How do you undo the button with your fingers inside the mitten?”  It’s a fair question of functionality, but I actually found it quite easy.  Texting, of course, isn’t really possible since your thumb is encased, but I would seriously consider tacking a few strands of that specially conductive thread into the thumbs so that you could.

Sewing the buttons on proved a bit of a challenge for an age-old reason:  Any needle big enough to hold the yarn was too big for the holes in the button.  I tried my usual fix: folding a paper clip—but even that was too big.  Eventually I had to dig out my collection of itty-bitty crochet hooks and pull the yarn through that way.  I could have defaulted to some thread, but I wanted to keep with the yarn if possible.

All in all, a very well designed and engaging project.  Thanks, Unraveled Sheep. Next up, we dive into bunny construction just in time for Easter.

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