Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fili Top Down Convertible Mitts from Unraveled Sheep -- Day 6

Clever Cuffs

I like that the ribbed cuffs that finish off these mitts have a tiny cable accent in them—it’s just another of the clever details that make these mitts such a good design.  

They feel remarkably comfortable on, thanks to the fiber.  The smoothness of the silk combines with the warmth of wool. They’re casually elegant—substantial without being bulky  The top cuff folds back nicely.  I thought I’d want a button to hold it back, but it folds over neatly because of the smart construction.  This really is an exceptional piece of design.

Now I just have the thumbs to finish.  These should be ready in no time!  And that’s good, because Chicago is about to get another round of snow.  The path to spring is never linear in this part of the world.  Snow, after a bout of 70 degree weather?  Yep, that’s spring in Chicago.

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