Sunday, March 5, 2017

Fili Top Down Convertible Mitts from Unraveled Sheep -- Day 5


The hands are complete.  The thumb gusset is formed, and the narrowing of the mittens to form the wrist cuff has begun. The cable part is over, and only the ribbing and thumbs remain.

These mitts are intricate and beautiful.  The are cleverly designed and they will be useful.  But they are not perfect.  My long and stormy history with cables keeps its troublesome nature, for these have a mistake or two. In fact, every cable project I’ve ever attempted has mistakes—some large, some small.

No one has ever noticed.

No one has ever stopped me to say, “Look at those wrist warmers.  That cable’s off right there.” Or “That pillow has the cable twist going the wrong way twice in that final part.”  Me and cables have yet to meet with perfection.  Ever.

And yet, I still try them.  I still give another go at the intricacies, still smile at the fancy final results.  For the simple truth that I yet to ever make a mistake so grave that I cannot wear, use, and enjoy something I’ve knitted.  An imperfectly knit hat is still as warm.  An imperfectly knit shawl still can drape dramatically over my shoulders.  People still admire my imperfect knitting.

No, it’s not perfect.  But it is my handiwork.  And I like that.

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