Saturday, January 14, 2017

Great Prismatic Cowl from Spinnin' Yarns--Day 4

The thing about a project with all one edge…is that it never stops.  

I hadn’t realized the little burst of achievement that an end of a row gives me.  Big believer in mini-goals that I am, I suppose rows represent mileposts, small “got it done” boxes to tick off in the long process that is knitting any project.  

I’m missing those here.

Yes, there’s a lone stitch marker to signify the beginning of each “round” (which is actually two rounds given the whole one-edge-two-sides thing), but it doesn’t seem to do it for me.  Each time I reach the marker, I don’t feel accomplishment. I only feel how many more rounds there are to go.

I find myself wishing I had gone for the Great Prismatic colorway with all those rainbow color changes.  The blue-to-green-and-back-again is pretty, and much better suited to my wardrobe, but it isn’t as exciting.  Soothing, I suppose, but that’s not the same thing, is it?  Besides, the effort of the linen stitch seems to negate any solace.

Even with my mix of feelings about this project, the bottom line is that it’s still too early to tell.  How a project looks on the needles is only a hint of how it might look and feel once finished and blocked.  I’ve learned, over and over, that it is by no means the complete picture.  Knitting is about faith in the creative process.  I have faith that the challenges of this project will pay off in a lovely accessory.  

And that’s what keeps me knitting.

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