Sunday, June 5, 2016

Linen Stitch Bag from Unraveled - Day 4

I have to say, I’m very pleased with the variety of patterns I’ve assimilated into this bag.  And the size is exactly what I was hoping for!  It has almost an Indian basket look to it, doesn’t it?  I’m generally not a “rainbow” person, but in this case the cavalcade of colors is just plain happy.  Not overtime I have ventured off-book for a pattern has it turned out this well, believe me.

Regular knitting—as opposed to linen stitch—feels like a breeze now without all the switching back-to-front-and-back-again of the working yarn.  I feel as if I’m zipping through these final rounds.  I’m taking time to enjoy this, knowing I have a daunting amount of i-cord looming at the end of this project.

The bag is so sturdy at the linen stitch sides that I think I will take the designer’s advice and fix some felt to the bottom to reinforce it.  

I was knitting outside on a lovely day at a concert in the park this afternoon, and after a demanding week of writing work, I relished the pleasure of knitting alfresco!  Which reminds me—don’t forget that World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 18!  Check here to see where an event is being hosted near you!

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