Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Linen Stitch Bag from Unraveled - Day 3

Bold...or foolish?

So, as it turns out, linen stitch with only one color is rather tedious after you’ve had the experience of knitting it with three colors.  Especially if the one color you’re using is cream.  Even the other two variegated colors would have been more interesting.  I keep wanting to throw a row or two of the color in just to spice things up.  

So, as I noticed my cream yarn resources diminishing at concerning speeds (I have crafted a bag slightly bigger than the pattern, after all), I decided something needed a bit of a switching up.  The pattern called for a return to multiple colors after 4 inches (which would mean 5 for my bag, taking proportions into account), but I didn’t think 5 inches of cream linen stitch would leave me much yarn to play with. Yet it still felt too early to go back to all the colors.

I chose an alternative that would ease out the full-on cream.  Instead of my previous rainbow-pastel-cream sequence, I went for pastel-cream-rainbow-cream for an inch or two.  It felt like something in-between the two.  The switch in order created something totally different, and I liked it as a bridge between the two.  Normally I don’t stray from patterns—especially where color is involved—but I’m happy with the results. 

What do you think?  Does it work? 

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Gramma Davis said...

Go for it. You are an artist in your own right and what is the worst that can happen? Maybe other people will try something new too!