Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lucy Neatby’s Udderly Divine Bag from Orange Kitten Yarns - Day 2

Fun and tangles...

I have to admit, the cow pattern is a great deal of fun.  It’s just now starting to be clearly recognizable--up until about three inches in, it just looked like random black and white.  Now, it’s clearly bovine.  I love it! 

Despite the large needles, this doesn’t feel like it goes fast.  It is a lot of complicated knitting.Two color work is hard enough, but two-stranded two color work?  The tangle factor is huge!  At the end of every row I have to take ten minutes to untangle the four balls.  I’m wondering if I need to buy three more yarn bowls and line them up on my coffee table.

After about three rows on my larger Denise needles, I went online and ordered KnitPicks Harmony needles (my current set stops at 11).  No matter what I do, I cannot get the Denise needles to stay connected, and the results of that break are no fun at all.

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