Saturday, July 6, 2013

Lucy Neatby’s Udderly Divine Bag from Orange Kitten Yarns - Day 1

Have a cow, ma'am...

“The yarn always knows.”

It was a line I gave the character Lindy in my novel “My So-Called Love Life”--my first fictional knitting character, but it’s a truth that’s played out in my life.  The right projects always seem to find their way onto my needles at the right time.

And so it is now.  I often cope with stress--and lately grief--by doing the outrageous.  I’m sporting neon pink nail polish this week and have worn lots of bright colors because they speak life to me after weeks filled with death and dying.  What could be more perfect that the wild and wacky “Udderly Divine” bag by the equally vibrant and colorful designer Lucy Neatby?

Silliness feels wonderful after so much somber seriousness.  I’m soaking up the fact that my teenage son has told me he won’t come within 20 feet of me if I’m carrying this whimsical bag.  I’m enjoying the big bold nature of this project.  Even though it is two-color black and white knitting just like the Selbucozy I just finished, it couldn’t be more different.  Knitting can be that diverse, can’t it?

There’s a reason Neatby is famous for her ingenious designs.  The top edge of this bag features a strong, scalloped strap-holder feature that is downright clever to behold.  You need to pay attention for these initial rows.  She gives you a choice of black or white for your top edge, and I chose black, thinking it would hide the inevitable dirt better.  That’s good, but I found myself wishing for lighter yarn in the complicated parts--two stranded knitting is hard enough without adding black yarn to the mix.

I’ll check back in with you partway through the bovine pattern.