Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fable Mitts with yarn from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm - Done!

What do you IS easy being green!

I haven’t had a project knit up this quickly in feels wonderful!  Sure they’re really, really green--neon, in fact--but it kind of grows on you.  I just might end up wearing these, which surprises me.  I expected to like them enough to gift, but not enough to wear.  That’s the lure of handmade--it’s always more than just the fiber.

Speaking of fiber, I did indeed have enough--with even a little (a very little) to spare.  That made me happy. I love it when a pattern lives up to its stats, don’t you?

One thing I did notice--there was no way the called-for length of the wristband would have made it all the way around my mitt.  Since I didn’t think I had enough yarn to lengthen it, I ended up making my wristband go from the outside seam just across the top.  That means my button is on the thumb side, but it looks okay to me.  I was just glad to have enough yarn that I didn’t have to make the wristband a different color.

And speaking of color, I decided to go subtle for the buttons. I think these simple dark textured ones add the perfect final touch.

Up next, a hat from Orange Kitten Yarns that is anything but subtle!

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