Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sandy's Art Yarn Hat from Orange Kitten Yarns and Homestead Wool and Gift Farm


How can you not enjoy knitting yarn from a sheep named “Cosmo”?  No doubt about it, “Cosmo’s Crazy Quilt” yarn is a one-of-a-kind fiber.  While Sandy's Crazy Quilt Art Yarn comes in a variety of colors, Cosmo's version is a simple white with all kinds of goodies mixed in.  I found silk flowers, ribbon, sparkly tinsel-like fiber, silky sari-like fiber, pearls, as well as a variety of colored wool fibers.  A veritable carnival on my needles!

 The New York City Handspun Bouquet scarf was the last time I got to enjoy a “one night” project, where I sat down with a ball of yarn and ended the night with a finished product.  There’s something wonderful about the “I made something from nothing” feeling a quick project like that gives you.  It makes me feel like some kind of wool wizard.

Quick, however, didn’t mean completely easy.  Wrangling all those textures made for some tricky knitting and times, particularly the ribbon.  I admit to some worry as to how comfortable something with all those “additives” will be on the young head that gets this hat.  

I do take pride in finally managing a respectable pom-pom.  I’ve made some mangy ones in the past, but this one turned out rather nicely.  It might be a little large, but since the rest of this hat is over-the-top, why not the pom-pom as well?

Right now, I don’t have anyone in my life the right size to wear this.  Size aside, this hat has to go to some child with the personality to match--a loud and lively little lady.  So I’m going to tuck it away and trust that the right head will present itself sometime in the future.  Every time I have done that, the perfect moment to give it away has always come along.  It’s part of the wonder of handcrafting, don’t you think?

Next up, the Nordic cozy from The Sow’s Ear.

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