Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fable Mitts with yarn from Homestead Wool and Gift Farm - Day 1

Mint-y freshness!

Ah, a nice, quick, cheery project in an energizing green.  What could be more refreshing after miles of chunky brown?

Now, I am no fool.  I know my absurdly short attention span, so I’m doing both of these mitts at once on a long circ rather than the single straight needle called for in the instructions.  

And I’ll admit, I’m more than a bit nervous that I don’t have sufficient yarn.  This may be a nail-biter up until the end--I’ll just think of it as a way to keep the knitting exciting, yes?

I do like how it knits up, with just the tiniest bit of color variation so that the casual observer won’t mistake these for something I picked up at Wal-Mart.  

There’s no avoiding, however, how very green these are.  Almost neon.  I’m thinking I may need to do the wrist-bands and buttons in a different color, not only to make them appropriate for someone my age, but also because I may not have enough yarn.  White?  Pink?  Black?  I think that choice may be dictated by the buttons I get (which I don’t have yet).

For now, I’ll keep knitting.  And go off in search of buttons.  Stay tuned to see what turns up!

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