Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Authors Who Knit: Anna Schmidt

It's time to meet this month's knitting author.  DestiKNITters, say hello to Anna Schmidt.

Anna, what’s on your needles right now? 
An afghan made with a multicolor SOFT blues/greens yarn.

What feels like your favorite/greatest knitting accomplishment? 
Oh, no—I don’t knit to “accomplish”—that’s too much stress. I knit to de-stress!!!

What feels like the worst knitting mistake/foible/wrong choice you’ve ever made? 
Years ago I decided to make a sweater for my husband—it was beyond awful.

Straight or circular needles? 

Metal or wood needles? 

White chocolate, milk chocolate, or dark chocolate? 
Dark—milk is okay but white is an oxymoron

Coffee or tea? 

Have you written a knitting character?  
Nope but I did once do a weaver—does that count???

What’s the last thing anyone would suspect about your most recent book? 
Hopefully that I wrote it while surviving my first year as a widow. 

Give a shout out to your favorite local yarn store: 
I’m a backwards knitter in that I buy my yarn at estate and rummage sales and then figure out how I’ll use it. 

If you'd like to learn more about Anna and her books, visit her website here.  If you're interested in Anna's blog about her journey through widowhood, you can find it here.

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