Sunday, February 19, 2017

Fili Top Down Convertible Mitts from Unraveled Sheep -- Day 2

Knitting insomnia…

You may have experienced knitting insomnia.  I know it has happened to me before.  It is one of the dangers of late-night knitting. 

Knitting insomnia has a less dangerous cousin known as “just let me finish this row.” This cousin's dangers are directly related to the length and complexity of the row in question.  

Let’s face it:  many of us have stayed up past our bedtimes to get rows done.  Or tangles untangled.

But the cruelest fate of all is the discovery—right before bed—of a mistake.

Halfway through this section of the cuff (the portion of the mitt that covers your fingers when these are in “mitten mode”), I discovered I had been increasing several rows past the point where I should have stopped.  I discovered this error at the worst possible time—just as I was putting my knitting away for the night to go to bed.

It was not an easy fix—tinking several rows of two mitts on one circ is a complex process. I figured I had about an hour’s worth of rescue work ahead of me, and it was already nearly 11pm.  

“You can fix it in the morning, when you’re sharper,” I told myself as I tucked my knitting back into its bag and went to bed.

Notice I said “went to bed.”  Because I did not go to sleep.  No, I lay in bed for another 90 minutes attempting not to think about my wayward knitting. “It’s just knitting,” I kept telling myself.  “Lives are not at stake.  12:30 a.m. is not a good time to attempt a complicated knitting fix.”

Nothing doing.  You can already guess the end of the story:  Me, up until 1:45 a.m., fixing my knitting.  

So now I have “insomnia mitts” to go along with my “amnesia cowl.”  Knitting may be soothing, but it sure isn’t always peaceful.

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