Thursday, May 7, 2015

Celtic Princess Braided Scarf from Yarn & Thread Expressions - Day 2

The Chunky Method comes to knitting...

Those of you who follow my writing career know I released a time-management book called The Chunky Method earlier this year.  It outlines the process I use to write four (albeit shorter) books a year and still have time to be a human being.  I’m often asked if the process can be applied to other creative pursuits.

Given that this scarf is a long continuation of the same repeat, I decided to see if I could apply The Chunky Method to knitting.  Here’s how I did it:

I started with the end in mind:  since this is one of those “go till you run out of yarn” scarves, that meant my end was two 50g skeins of Silky Wool, or 100g.  Useful, but not enough data to craft a practical plan.

I worked up two repeats—about the most I could do in one sitting and therefore my “Chunk.” Then I got out my trusty food scale (every knitter’s best friend!) and my calculator.  It told me my 2-repeat Chunk weighed 5 grams, which mean each repeat used up approximately 2.5 grams of yarn.  It’s important to weigh your knitting needle and back its weight out of your measurements for accuracy.  When I got to 10 repeats today, I weighed my project and what was left of the 50 gram ball, and was delighted to see they weighted almost the same—my measurements are solid!

If 10 repeats weigh 25g, then 40 repeats should get me to the end of my yarn.  Divide the 30 remaining repeats by the four remaining episodes, round up a bit, and I have my knitting plan: eight repeats of the pattern per episode—or 4 sessions of knitting my “Chunk” to stay on track. This is the same data I advise writers to use in scheduling their work toward a deadline.  Knowledge is power, my friend.  

I’d better get knitting!

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