Thursday, September 23, 2010

Knit Along: Comin’ Round the Mountain Socks from Hearthstone Knits - Day 4

Yikes!  It took me almost a week to get those final inches of the sock pattern done!  It always infuriates my impatient nature when I can’t get to a milestone in a pattern in the timeframe I want.  It’s the writer in me...I’m way too deadline oriented.  Now, in a manuscript under contract, the family will cut me a little slack (translation:  eat pizza on less-than-clean counters).  They’re not as generous with my self-imposed knitting deadlines.  Perhaps if you all send me threatening emails, groaning about how you sit at home pining over my next installment...

In my daughter's terminology, as if.
I am delighted to report, however, that I have reached the heel flaps.  It’s rather like a fiber exhale, the simple rhythm of slip one, knit one, back and forth.  No stitch wrangling and mind-bending adaptations.  Of course, all of this peace and productivity will come to a screeching halt when I get to the “switchbacks”--especially since I’ve realized many of my swirling stripes aren’t exactly the same number of stitches wide. 

Yes, that could spell trouble indeed.

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Kimberly and Abby said...

You will figure it out, or fudge your way through. Those colors in the socks are awesome!