Friday, September 17, 2010

Knit Along: Comin’ Round the Mountain Socks from Hearthstone Knits - Day 3

We’re chugging around the mountain, steady and sure.  I suspect I have an inch more before I tackle the challenge of turning two heels, but here at my conference the progress is just about right.  Sure, I squint at my needles when I need to make that yarn-over jump, but the pattern is trailing in lovely spirals that don’t give me too much trouble.  Don’t have time for much more reporting while I’m here, but I’m happy with my progress and don’t have any major mess-ups to confess.  I’ll check in again when I attempt the heel.
It is fun to be in a large group here at the conference, with many people who know of and share my love for knitting (and no, it’s not a knitting’s a writers event but I have cultivated a large circle of knitting writer friends to be sure).  We’ve had some grand adventures that will make up the next episode of DestiKNITions.  My favorite thing, though, is that they all know it’s perfectly fine to knit through educational sessions.  In fact, many of them have said my knitting in public has made it okay for them to do so as well.  That’s my kind of campaign!


Kimberly and Abby said...

Those socks are turning out to be lovely. :-)

Linda B said...

It was nice finally meeting you! And by the way, you looked gorgeous at the banquet.

Allie Pleiter said...

Thank you. It was fun to meet you, too! And thanks for the compliment.