Sunday, November 15, 2009

Knit Along: Shawl Collar Vest from Lamb Shoppe - Day 5

Homestretch...both ways

This was one of those weeks that just took me hostage. Blogging fell second to survival, and I regret I slipped off the radar for a few days. But that doesn't mean the lush softness of this vest escaped my fingers. As a matter of fact, as we all know, that texture therapy was a balm for my yelping spirit most evenings...and during a few
looooong waits I'd rather not have endured. I'm in a California hotel room this morning, with only perhaps 2 inches left of the final ribbing, thinking we're gonna hit the finish line on this during the flight home.

This has been one of those trips blessed in a million small ways by knitting. I had the supreme pleasure of being taken to a friend's hometown knitting shop,
Green Planet Yarn in charming Campbell, California. I didn't have enough time to do a full DestiKNITions stop, but I did have enough time to pick up a pair of Lantern Moon size 4's (probably the only size I don't have), some cute notepads, and some adorable project bags. Plus, as it was my birthday month, I got to pull a potential discount (up to 100%!) from the clever "birthday" jar. Even the cash register sang happy birthday as it rung up my 20% natal discount. If that doesn't lift a stressed girl's spirits, nothing will. We sat in my friend's living room, knit, chatted, and had a marvelous time. At least a dozen potentially boring or stressful moments were filled by knitting during this trip. And isn't that a huge part of why we knit? I continue to be astounded how knitting instantly connects strangers or repeatedly bonds friends. I walk into a yarn shop anywhere in the world and I am home, amongst my kind.

Twice in the airport and on the plane, folks stopped me to remark on the color of the oh-so-pink yarn. And touch it. And remark on its softness. I'm thinking God did a nice job with the creation of the Alpaca. Nothing else has that warmth, that loft, that elasticity. I'm itching the finish this vest so I can get it on. And even if it does look like I'm being swallowed by a feral baby bootie, I'm wearing this thing. The pattern is so clever and so delightfully simple, it's been the perfect project for my state of mind. Here's a shot of it this morning, and I'm hoping you'll get to see the thing in it's finished form within a day or so...provided my this week doesn't abscond with my sanity the way last week did.

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