Thursday, February 23, 2017

Fili Top Down Convertible Mitts from Unraveled Sheep -- Day 3

The bind off that doesn't (bind off, that is...)

Now we get to the ingenious part of these mitts!  

The top cuffs are finished, and it’s time to start the mitt section.  The trick here is to remember that while you use a three needle bind off technique, you’re not actually binding off.  You’re binding—one part of the mitt to the other.  I had to read through the directions a few times before that sunk in.  Once I pictured the finished mitts in my head, it was easier to see how the pieces fit together.  It feels a bit odd to be knitting the mitts from the top down—I think almost every other set of mittens or mitts I’ve done have started from the wrist up.

It was just after the ribbing was firmly attached and I was on my way that I discovered my next hurdle:  not enough yarn.  Now, were I doing these one at a time, I could use the clever tactic of weighing my first completed mitt and ensuring I had the same (or more) grams of yarn left for the second.  

Since I’m doing these two at a time, however, I don’t have that option.  I have to eyeball it.  And it’s looking like I might not have enough.  Especially since the pattern says the larger sizes require as much as 300 yards, and a skein only has 192 yards.  This isn’t the kind of thing you want to get wrong.

So I did what any smart knitter would do:  call the shop.  Order up another skein so that my push to the finish line on these mitts is a happy experience, not a stressed-out measuring nightmare.  Verla is happily mailing me out a second skein so I can knit with confidence.

...Provided my Silky Wool doesn’t get lost in the mail.

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