Thursday, December 8, 2016

Caterpillar to Butterfly Scarf from Sheep's Clothing--Day 3

For my next trick...

Now it gets tricky.

This is not “knock off a few rows while you watch TV” knitting.  These next steps require close attention.

I’m delighted to say that for the first time in my knitting career, the provisional cast on did “zip off” like it was supposed to.  The squeal of glee is not a requisite accompaniment, but it sure was fun.  

It took me a few minutes of staring to realize, however, that I wasn’t going to end up with live stitches on that bottom edge.  So many times a crochet cast-on with waste yarn is used to produce live stitches to knit in some other way, but that’s not the case here.  You do, however, need the stitches to have no cast-on foundation so that they will unravel correctly in a future step.

Be warned: the step where you fix the locking markers takes a lot of markers.  I had to run to the store and get more.  A own a gazillion ring markers, but not that many locking markers.

The upper edge bind off is a bit mind-bending.  Like most things in knitting, if you just take it step by step, you eventually reach that “ah-ha!” moment where you realize what’s going on.  I’ll admit, the nubby texture of this yarn makes it fight you a bit on the pulling through required to both open up and re-close the “special bind off” stitch.  This makes me wonder how easily the stitches will unravel when it comes to that—it will either be zippy and fun or slow and tedious.

Still, I’m starting to see how this thing will transform—and that’s exciting.   Stay tuned…

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