Sunday, December 11, 2016

Caterpillar to Butterfly Scarf from Sheep's Clothing--Day 4

Fringe benefits...

The transformation begins!

This stage of the scarf is all about unraveling—a strange and foreign process to the knitter.  Purposely undoing all our stitching is an odd feeling, to be sure.  Still, as the twelve stitches on either end of the scarf unravel themselves to become a loopy fringe, it is a fun process to behold.  The scarf has felt too short this whole time—I like my scarves on the long side—but after watching how the loopy fringe is much longer than the knitted stitches, I’m less worried.

After unraveling each set of two rows (yarn to the edge and back), you tie a knot to secure it.  Part of me wants to cut the loop in half so it looks like traditional fringe, but another part of me is sure the fiber will split and get messy.  I could tie another knot at the end of the fringe, but that feels like a lot of knots.  I’ll leave it for now, but reserve the right to change my mind after blocking.

Now that the two edges are done, I begin the process of unraveling the multiple panels within the scarf.  That should change the look of the piece considerably.  Our caterpillar is on its way to butterfly life.

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