Saturday, November 12, 2016

Meet me at The Ryman Wrap from Haus of Yarn - Done!

Worth all the work...

Like all things worked hard for, this result is particularly satisfying.  I wish that you could really see the beauty of the design, but the dark yarn makes it hard to capture in a photo.  The texture—the thing that drew me to the piece in the first place—is a marvelous combination of warm loft and light drape.  Perfect for the Nashville climate, or any other southern town.

And no, it doesn’t curl.  It blocks out flat and behaves exactly like I’d want a shawl to behave.  I’m grateful I went through the trouble of that extra length—it wouldn’t quite wrap the way I like without those additional inches.

It’s got the warmth of wool, but it isn’t bulky.  Just a touch of cover, which is what I look for in a shawl.  This is a versatile piece: the garter stitch middle has a casual air to pair with a pair of jeans, while the lacework edges add enough elegance to top a dress or slacks.  I think it just begs to pair with a creamy fall turtleneck and boots.

You presented a challenge, Haus of Yarn, and I’m glad I was up to it!  Thanks for the experience.

Next up, we meet November’s Reader Who Knits, then it’s on to Northwest Indiana.

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