Monday, September 12, 2016

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 4

Charting my course...

Ah cables.  They require attention to detail between a lot of stitch patterns that look dangerously similar.   Cables to the front look dangerously close to cables to the back, and messing them up results in squiggles rather than clever cross-overs.

I’ve done cables in written directions, but this is the first time I’ve done complicated cables from a chart.  And I tell you, those pesky little squares with all those angles look far too much alike for me to be confident as I waffle back and forth between chart and key.

After making a significant gaff a few rows back, I decided it’s best to stack the chart in my favor.  I now go through each row before I start and write the stitch on top of the squares in question.  Hopefully this will keep my C4BPs from becoming C4FPs and other unfortunate slip-ups.

In to save my embattled confidence comes the simple but adorable KnitCol hat.  Stockinette and decreases are firmly within my skill set, and this self-striping yarn is doing all the work for me.  I’ve made it to the finished hat, and now I get to make all the silly curly-cues that give the hat its charm.

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