Thursday, September 8, 2016

"Hatapalooza" hats from Great Yarns - Day 3

Wait and stitch…

After a flurry to meet a bunch of deadlines last week, this week has been all about the wait.  

And I rot at waiting.  I am by no means a “sit tight” kind of gal.  

This week I’m waiting on publisher’s decisions, waiting on important phone calls, waiting for other people to do their part in projects so that I can take my next step, waiting for data to make a crucial decision, waiting for the next seasons of Longmire and Poldark to begin…lots and lots of cooling my heels.

What’s a fidgety gal to do?  Knit, of course.  Lots of knitting.  Engrossing knitting like the interwoven cables of the Knotty but Nice hat (row 9 is a killer!), calm easy knitting like the stockinette rounds of the curly-cue Knit Col hat.

At many times in my life, knitting has been as much consolation as it has been craft.  I laugh and say it is my coping mechanism of choice, but the statement is absolutely true.  Well, knitting, lemon meringue pie, and chocolate.  The knitting is the healthier of the choices, to be sure.

So I’ll keep waiting and keep knitting.  Because good things come to those who…knit, right?

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