Sunday, June 21, 2015

Blurred Lines Bandana Style Shawlette from Yarn & Stitches--Day 3

Pink think...

OK, enough with the pink already.  

It’s a very enthusiastic pink.  Not that I’m against enthusiastic colors—I wear them frequently, and even have a favorite cardigan in a shade as bright as this.  

But I’ve been staring at it for days. When even the camera on my iPhone is having trouble containing the color, however, you know it’s bright.  Fuchsia, even.  Hot pink.  The color my mother used to refer to as “menopause pink” although she never really explained why.  I can only assume that it’s vibrancy made it a favorite of women of a “certain age.”  A google search turned up a lot of interesting—and several disturbing—hits, but nothing to explain this phrase.

I was ecstatic, then, to spy the purple section of the yarn coming up.

Section 4 returns us to the YO-K2TOG pattern, and I can see that alternating these two stitch patterns is what is going to make up most of this shawlette.  The extremely detailed and clear directions—along with the smaller size—make this a good project for a novice knitter.  You’ll get a nice piece, as we'll as three new stitch patterns for your toolbox, in not too long a time.  And when you get to the inevitable endless finale of top-down shawl rows, it shouldn’t be too tedious—hopefully.  If you are a novice knitter, I would definitely suggest starting with the lighter color first, so that you can see the stitches clearly.  New stitch patterns are always a bit more difficult with a darker yarn.

Next up, we’ll see how the color change goes.

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