Friday, June 27, 2014

Leftie Shawl from Knot Just Knits - Day 5

It always takes longer...

Sigh.  This is going to take a while.  I thought I had it plotted out into six equal segments, but I didn't take into consideration that these last rows are three times as long as my first rows--and as such take three times as long to complete.  I'm working hard here.

I don't know what it is about these short row "leaf" trims, but I only get them right about half time.  I know enough about short rows to make them all look reasonably similar, but I have to say it really bugs me that I can't  manage a 14-row repeat accurately.  I should be able to handle this, you know? I like to think of myself as having a decent level of competency.

One thing is for sure:  this is a show-stopper.

 I'm asked about it every time I pull it out of my knitting bag in public, and I've run across several people who have either made one or have one on their needles.  Invariably, the comments run to, "Oh, I could do that in _____ [insert yarn here]."  

It's true.  I've dreamed up half a dozen yarn combinations myself from stuff I own just in the time I was knitting.  With the Color Affection shawl, I kept seeing yarn I wanted to buy to make another.  Somehow--maybe it's just the subliminal suggestion of the name (leftie, leftovers, etc)--I keep thinking of yarn I already own to make another Leftie.  

Intentional?  Who knows.  Welcome?  You bet.  Anything that eats into my massive stash is a positive project!

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