Sunday, September 15, 2013

Knitted Wire Cuff from Urban Arts + Crafts - Day 1

Getting wired...

I have to say, I have a bit of trepidation about this.  Knitting for me is highly tactile.  The creativity is great, but it’s also about how the fiber feels between my fingers.  It’s why I can’t buy yarn over the internet--I have to touch it. It’s why I hardly buy anything but books online--I need to touch something to know if I want to own it.

There’s no escaping that this is wire.  Cold, shiny (well, yes, there’s some merit to that), sharp metal.  For some reason it really bugs me that I’m keeping this project in a piece of Tupperware rather than in a knitting bag.  I’m hoping that it will be new and exciting, but right now it just feels strange and different.

I’ve never really been a jewelry person.  I don’t wear necklaces--mostly because they get in the way of my scarves.  I do wear rings--probably because that way I can look at them while I knit.  I’ve worn the same two Pandora and Trollbead bracelets every single day (plus or minus a few new beads) for the past five years.  Maybe it is time I made friends with some new baubles.

To lure my muse, I unpackaged the beads and let them swirl around together in the container.  There was a time I was really into beads--back before knitting became my thing--and I tried to harken back to the “pretty-shiny” side of my creativity.  I like the colors.  I like the combinations of shapes, sizes and textures--like a kaleidoscope waiting to be constructed.  I just can’t stop my brain from whispering “but it’s not yarn!”

I stand with my materials gathered, ready for adventure.

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