Friday, July 26, 2013

Lucy Neatby’s Udderly Divine Bag from Orange Kitten Yarns - Day 5

As a matter of fact, DO have a cow, ma'am!

I’m glad this will be smaller when felted.  Right now this thing feels as large and loud as a parade float!  I knit much of this on a plane, and I know people were staring.  I mean, how many times do you come across someone knitting a cow?  Complete with pink udder?

As expected, the pink udder is quick and satisfying to finish up.  And it really does “make” the piece.  I’m still on the fence about the “teats,” however. They feel just a bit too outlandish to me (and that’s saying something!).  Still, it feels like some detail--even if it’s not a four inch teat--should go there.  So, I’ve followed the instructions to put in waste yarn and I think I may opt for a small little bump, strawberry-sized, as it were.  It may look just enough. It may look ridiculous.  That’s the beauty of knitting--you can always rip it out.

I’m very impressed with the strap, which gets knitted right into the strap openings by the exceedingly clever strategy of threading your circular needle in place before joining the yarn.  Genius.  Then again, Lucy Neatby is known for the clever touches in her designs as much as she is known for her vibrant colors.

I’ll admit to a fair amount of nervousness over the felting process.  I’m too much of a creative control freak for this to be easy.  My final post should be very entertaining.

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