Sunday, January 13, 2013

Color Affection Shawl from Bliss Yarns - Day 3

You ain't seen nothing yet...

Did I say the last part was where it got tricky?  

Forgive me, I misspoke.  NOW is where it gets tricky, carrying not two colors but three.  

All this while I’m trying to ensure that my trio of yarns doesn’t tangle and crafts a top edge loose enough to handle the shawl.  That’s knitting with a heavy agenda, folks. And, for me, it takes this project out of the realm of “have yarn will travel.”  Wielding three balls that need to be continually untangled means I can’t really whip this out of my handbag while waiting for a plane.

Never fear, though, it’s worth it.  I do love how it’s coming out.  I admit that I stare at the top edge and wonder if it will work--if my slipping the first stitch will do the trick or it’ll end up too tight.  Right now it looks too loopy, too loose, but I know better than to judge it by how it currently looks.

Despite my earlier comments, I do find myself wishing I had a higher contrast between the three colors.  I’m halfway through the tri-colored short rows, loving how the burgundy is showing up with such stunning contrast.  Trouble is, that makes the difference between colors one and two feel like it doesn’t quite match my taste for the dramatic.  You know me, I always want POW.  Right now, I feel like I’ve got “Pow.”  Still there, but not quite enough to write home about.

Take all this with a grain of salt, however.  You and I both know all bets are off until the yarn is off the needles.

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