Sunday, August 22, 2010

Knit Along: Elizabethan Collar from Kirkwood Knittery - Day 2

Elizabethan AND green?

Actually, these long rows aren’t so bad.  They go by pretty quickly.  We’ll see if I feel the same way during the next step when I switch to smaller needles and a new stitch pattern.  
I can start to see the drape this collar will have, and the lovely sheen that this yarn possesses.  It makes it worth the wrangling of the slippery yarn. You know, I don’t mind putting in a  significant effort when I can see it will pay off.  I’m not a lazy knitter.  Just don’t frustrate me with unnecessary complications--in anything, not just knitting.  Sorry the color's so odd on this photograph--I was traveling and had to use my Blackberry to get the shot.
This has been an easy travel project once I got through the cast-on and set-up rows; it’s mostly stacking up knits and purls to form a ribbing so I’m not having to continually refer to the written instructions (something I dislike doing on travel projects).
Speaking of travel, take a peek at what I did with the small batch of yarn I had left over from my neck comforter.  This makes me smile every time I use it.  I simply measured the diameter of a “to-go” coffee cup, subtracted an inch for a snug fit, and used the fisherman’s knit pattern.  Because I changed the length, I didn’t get the tie-die effect, but I like what I got anyway.  Now I’m a green as it gets!  Funny enough, this shot was taken with the same Blackberry--what gives?

I may not be a master of my Blackberry camera, but I'm now Elizabethan AND green...and how may women can make that claim?

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