Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Knit Along: Mystery Pattern Neck Comforter from Knitche - DONE!

Three cheers!

Neckwarmers are curious creatures. I have seen adorable ones, so artsy and textured, looking like the wearer is in the center of an ongoing uber-hug. Then there are neck warmers that look like something crawled up your shoulders and died.

Fear not, this is definitely the former. This neck comforter is absolutely adorable, even over a tank-top in 100-degree mid-July. The colorplay--highlighted by the deliberate pooling--combined with the off-kilter seam is just too clever for words. I can think of six different ways to wear this thing. I just love it. And there are some outfits which simply can’t support the extra bulk of a full scarf of shawl, but need a little umph. This seems tailor-made for such an ensemble.

Three cheers to Kathy and her fiber muse! Three cheers to Lorna’s Laces for such delectable yarn! And--it must be said--three cheers to me for not forgetting how to finish this!

What does it say about my life that I know own both “chemo socks” and the “amnesia neck comforter”? Do you think I could pull of the “New York Times Bestseller Scarf” or the “Windfall Fortune Cardigan”? The “Lost 15 Pounds and Gained Great Abs” mittens?

Hey, it could happen.

Next up? DestiKNITions travels to St. Louis.


Kimberly and Abby said...

That's really pretty! I wonder how hard that pattern would be to convert to crochet....

The Plate Spinner said...

Ditto! I still fumble with two needles, but can stitch up a storm with one.

The Plate Spinner said...
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Allie Pleiter said...

I checked with Kathy, and she said as long as you know your "gauge" with the crochet stitch, could still do the calculations--just using the number of crochet stitches rather than knitting stitches. You might have to do a little "trial and error" to tweak things, but the basic concepts would still apply.

Kimberly and Abby said...

I just might have to try doing this some day. Or better yet, get my Hubby to do it. He's the more adventurous crocheter, and I despise math LOL.