Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Brick Sidewalk Beanie from fibre space--Day 4

Close to the finish line...

The dpn’s are in use, which means—as my horsey friend often puts it—“we are heading for the barn!”

The brick sidewalk that gives this beanie its name fades off into the crown like a road veering off into the sunset. It’s a great aesthetic touch, just as clever as the whole pattern. Sure, the headband could be an ordinary ribbing, but I’m so pleased that it isn’t. I’ve knit hats that looked great but didn’t feel or function well. This one sure feels like it will be as pleasant to wear as it has been to knit. It has just the right amount of elasticity and slouch—comfy but not sloppy, snug but not strangling. Perfect.

I could use a dose of perfection. My week has been crazy-stuffed with tasks, but I’ve tried not to let my knitting time pay the price. Like exercise, I need a daily dose of the peace knitting gives me. The anchor creating something—even though I create with words all day long—gives to my spirit. I suspect you’re the same way. 

I’m just a nicer, calmer, better person when I knit.  Aren’t you?

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