Friday, June 30, 2017

Summer Shadow Shawl from Hemstitched Heirlooms - Day 2

A whack-my-forehead moment...

Longer rows take longer.  

You’d think that’s a “duh,” whack-your-forehead sort of moment, but I am continually amazed how I can blind myself to that fact.  

Here I was, all proud of myself that I’d figured out how many rows it would take to get myself to the 342-stitch-row that marks the end of the stockinette portion.  Using the fact that each stockinette “ridge” (1 row up and back) added 6 stitches, I calculated that it would take about 55 ridges to get me through the stockinette section. 

Two blog posts for this section (yes, I do plan out the benchmarks in order to keep things moving and entertaining for you), which meant 25 ridges per post.  Easy peasy.

Well, yes, for the first post.  I made the 25 ridges with ease.  Because they were shorter.

And now they just keep getting longer (oh, longer rows, you are my personal nemesis…).  Remember, I started out with 12-stitch rows, and by the end of this I need 342-stitch rows. Holy garter stitch, Batman, it’s taking me 15-minutes per row right now!  

This endless stockinette was soothing when I started.  Now, it’s grinding.  “Knitting is fun,” I chant to myself.  “Knitting is peaceful and creative.”

Have you been here?  Of course you have.  Knitters love to bite off more than they can stitch.  It’s just another version of the massive stash mentality.  

Ah, if we all could only live long enough to do all the knitting we planned…

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