Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief from The Wool Cabin—Day 3

"Make one" memory...

Now, with the second eyelet pattern in place, this kerchief starting to look like something.  

I admit, it still feels a bit too thick and “rustic” for my taste—especially in this woodsy green color—but since the pattern directions call for aggressive blocking, I think it will lighten up in drape and texture. 

Even if it doesn’t, I’ve not yet knitted something where, if I didn’t care for it, I couldn’t easily find someone who loved it.  The truth is good knitting is never wasted—it always finds its way to the perfect recipient.

My biggest benefit from this piece so far is this: I now have the difference between “Make One Left” and “Make One Right” firmly imbedded in my brain, thanks to this nifty tip. How delightful never to have to look it up (or write it in the pattern margin) again! Who knew all I had to do was look at the slant of the stitch leg?  I love being able to pass along such wisdom to you, DestiKNITters.

You'd think the size 8 needles are small, but instead they offer up a satisfyingly quick rate of progress.  This would make excellent vacation knitting—bigger and quicker than socks, but still engaging and portable.  And pretty enough to indulge your host with something handmade and wearable!

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