Monday, August 1, 2016

Willow Cowl from Sin City Knit Shop - Day 3

Bi-Partisan Yarn-overs?

Now we get into the alternating patterns that enable this cowl to stack up so nicely.  I’ve accomplished one of each.  Actually, I found it rather ironic that I did one during the Republican National Convention, and the other during the Democratic National Convention.  There’s a metaphor in there somewhere, but I’m not quite sure what it is (or perhaps am better off not saying).  In any case, this year I made an effort to watch both conventions and scan a fact-checking site for review of each of the acceptance speeches.   So the only political cry you’ll hear from me is this: inform yourselves, and get your info from somewhere other than Facebook.

Maybe the best lesson in all this is that it takes BOTH patterns to let this cowl show all its beauty.  And that it takes lots of individual stitches (and voters, and candidates, and issues) to make up the whole.  And how one knitter can embrace many different stitches.

Sure, it’s a cantankerous election year here in the U.S.  But knitters of all kinds can agree that our love of fiber knits us together, yes?

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