Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Clincher Bandana Scarf from Ewe-Nique Yarns - Day 4

Pressing matters...

The color is pretty, but the rows are long.

The yarn has that marvelous wooly elasticity, but the rows are long.

The loopy closure looks really interesting, but I’ve got long rows to finish before I get there.

Do you sense a theme?

I think if it were all garter stitch, I wouldn’t be so grumpy.  But half the rows are purling, and purling just seems to go soooooo slow for me.  I can’t continental purl. Well, I can, but then after a few minutes my fingers cramp.  For a long row, that means I’m stuck with American style.  The fact that I can knit continental style—which is faster—just makes the purl rows feel that much more like slogging through molasses.

I’m determined to finish out the rest of my ball of Prairie Spun today so that tomorrow I can begin tackling those fascinating loopy closures.  It’s a rainy, chilly day in Chicago—the exact opposite of my last post—so it’s a good day to hunker down and knit.  

If only I didn’t have writing to do, errands to run, and this guy I married who has a right to expect some interaction (and some dinner made) from his spouse.  I’m writing the climax of my book, which is always rather exhausting (yes, writers get caught up in their work), so I want to run away and hide in my knitting.

So, today is going to be about pressing on.  In my writing.  In waiting for Spring take up permanent residence in Chicago instead of just swooping in for a day or two and then handing the keys back to Winter.  In finishing these ever-elongating rows of knit and purl.


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