Thursday, January 14, 2016

Tofu Baby Sweater from Flying Fingers - Done!

Two things I know for sure now that the Tofu Baby Sweater is done:

1) I have finally mastered seaming.  If nothing else, this project was worth it for that accomplishment.

2) This sweater contained an excruciatingly large amount of ends to weave in.  Tedium!  Not much is worth that.

No question, this was a lot of work.  But the cuteness is a pretty big payoff, especially in such bright, energetic colors.  The yarn is lovely to knit, and I upped my skills in several areas while making the sweater.  

Someday, some little baby is going to be decked out in this adorable cardigan—I just have no idea when.  

It’s the adventure of knitting…sometimes the project needs to find its recipient, and you never know how that will happen.

Thanks, Flying Fingers, for a true fiber adventure!

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