Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Fresh Till Cowl from Yarniverse - Day 5


OK, now I’m worried.  

I love the color, the length looks okay—maybe a bit short, but that could be easily fixed in the blocking process.

It’s the curling that has me anxious.  There’s enough stockinette in this project for the piece to be curling in on itself in the way that stockinette does (and the way I hate).  It makes me nuts when my beautiful stitches are hidden in a sausage roll of stockinette.

It looks so nice and flat in the pattern photo.  I love the way it looks in the pattern photo.  I’m not loving the way it looks laid out on my table.

Keep calm and give the thing a bath.  This is what I’m telling myself.  Don’t judge a knitted piece before you’ve blocked it, especially one with openwork like eyelets.

So….deep breath, and to the tub it goes!

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