Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Lace Cowl from Rainbow Yarn & Fibres - Day 5

Binding off...

The nice thing about a cowl is that there’s not a huge amount of yardage to think about when you are knitting until you run out of yarn.  I’ve done some shawls where you are stuck calculating hundreds of stitches to see if you need to stop at this row, or do a few more.  That wasn’t the case here.  I could eyeball it easily, and be confident I knew when to stop.  

Plus, cowls only need to be so wide, you know?  Too much bulk, and you feel like you’ve got the Cone of Shame from the vet’s office around your neck.

Now that it’s off the needles, it feels even softer.  I keep squishing it between my fingers.  It’s going to feel wonderful in January, but right now it is so hot and sticky in Chicago I can barely stand to try it on.

Because this is technically lace, I’m going to wash and block it just to see if it makes a big difference in how the pattern lays out.  I don’t anticipate that it will, but seeing as there is not a pressing need for wooly warmth at the moment, I’ll take the time.  Perhaps by the time the final episode rolls around, we’ll have some more fall-like weather.

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